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Service Projects



Dream It, Be It
Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls will help girls grow up to be strong, successful, happy adults. Dream It,
Be It targets
girls in secondary school who face obstacles to their future success. It provides girls with access to
professional role models,
career education and the resources to live their dreams


Stepping Up     


Started in 2007,  the Stepping Up project, is an all-day seminar for Sixth grade girls who are transitioning
into the seventh grade, it
is one of the club's main projects. The program includes speakers covering topics
which are relevant to girls attending middle school. Between program speakers, the participants engage in
fun activities to encourage the girls to socialize and share a bit
of themselves with each other. A fashion
show with the sixth grade girls as models is also included. Participants 
are provided with a lite lunch
and goodie bag. Parents are welcome and encouraged
to attend and observe.

Example of Speaker Topics:

  • Social Media
  • Sex Texting
  • Bullying
  • Self Image
  • Appropriate School Attire
  • Goal Setting

For more information, call 909-718-3225 (leave a message)  


Scholarship Program

Scholarships are awarded to graduating high school senior girls, who not necessary are at the “top of their class”,
but show strength in
community service and work for the opportunity to further their education goals. 
For more information, contact the High School Counseling Office.


Soroptimist Service Programs We Financial Support


Soroptimist STOP Trafficking

Soroptimist STOP Trafficking


Slavery's New Face:  Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls Slavery is a harsh reality for millions of people the world
over who find
themselves trapped in an exploitative and abusive system, bought and sold like objects, and treated
with no dignity or human
decency. Soroptimist is raising awareness about the complex and devastating crime of sex
trafficking, which largely affects women
and girl children.


Soroptimist International has joined the 'Stop the Traffik’ Coalition, a global movement against the trafficking of people.
It has more
than 1,000 organizations in 50 countries and a grass roots following of ordinary activists around the world.
Soroptimist International
of the Chino Valley has actively participated in and sponsored the Human Trafficking
Awareness Walk since 2011, partnering with the
Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) committees in
Riverside and
San Bernardino counties. 

If you suspect an incident of trafficking in the United States, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center’s
24-hour toll-free
hotline number at 888-373-7888. Callers can receive a number of services including crisis intervention,
urgent and non-urgent referrals, tip reporting and comprehensive anti-trafficking resources. 



Soroptimist Disaster Grants for Women and Girls

Soroptimists Disaster Grants for Women and Girls targets the special needs of women and girls during natural and
disasters.Women and girls are particularly vulnerable during disasters and lack access to resources.  
They also have special abilities to respond to disasters, which is often overlooked. Soroptimist's disaster recovery
program mitigates the barriers facing
women and girls during disasters. In addition, the program honors the
made by the United Nations in the Beijing Platform for Action and the Outcome Statement of the
46th Session on the Commission on the Status of Women. Soroptimist gives funds to
local clubs for use in
communities needing disaster recovery. Funds are pooled from voluntary contributions sent in from Soroptimist
members throughout the world.
Read Soroptimist's exclusive white paper,"Reaching Out to Women When Disaster Strikes."


The Soroptimist Disaster Grants for Women and Girls provide funds of up to $20,000 to assist women and/or girls
prepare for or
recover from disasters or acts of war. A disaster is a calamity that has caused loss of life,
displacement of 
residents, or loss of property. These events include (but are not limited to) floods, hurricanes
tornadoes, forest fires, volcanic disturbances, and
earthquakes. Acts of war include actions committed by a
government against its own people;
actions committed by an outside force; and civil unrest resulting in property
damage, loss of life or the creation of displaced persons or refugees needing immediate or
ongoing assistance with
safety, housing, nutrition and/or healthcare.


Soroptimist International of the Chino Valley has donated to help the victims of hurricanes and earthquakes in Haiti,
Japan, Taiwan,
and Philippines.